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Five of eight knowledge

    high speed pursuit of efficiency and timeliness in handling Affairs can provide a fast and accurate response.
&Nbsp;   fineness working to understand planning, serious attitude, meticulous, detail-oriented, avoiding human error, killing repeated errors.

    depth of focus, professional to achieve the comprehensive, in-depth, the depth of skills.

    objective, pragmatic and dialectical understanding of the issues, work principles and objective position, personal opinion accurate, strategically.

    high lifting height of individual accomplishment and personal taste preference.

    bearing modest, sincere and pragmatic. Diligent, humble Catholic on the basis of demonstrated magnanimity.

&Nbsp;   sense that everyone should always maintain the company's brand image and make unremitting efforts, and lead by example to keep the company's discipline.

    global consciousness during the consideration and action on any matters, first of all should obey rules is "global" is not just a victory to review work is good or bad. Obedience commands and emotional relief is the two major global awareness requirements.

    customer relations awareness to keep "customers first" service consciousness, thoughts and thoughtful service for others.

    innovation "innovation" is the Foundation of enterprise development, who led the "innovation", who will go far.

    is the basic responsibility of the responsibility consciousness of their own, where no one is responsible for a work to undertake any other responsibility.

    cooperation in the sense of solidarity we are a team of strong work, there is no sense of unity and cooperation, you will lose any glory and credit.

    sense of empathy for planning, creation, and internal and external communications, always change the angle standing on each other's thinking;

    consciousness of management by objectives to the work assigned by the company, in accordance with established objectives and requirements (timing, format, quality, and so on) to fully complete.