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Wedding summer cheats

Summer is hot and fiery. Summer is a good season to shoot the wedding, though suitable for wedding in the summer, but in the summer wedding also have many places to note, accidentally, not only the discount wedding photo frame effects, will also have an impact on the body. So we must pay attention to the following points.


    1  plenty of rest:

     during the shoot, summer is most in need of rest, because the high temperature on energy consumption will increase, new people don't put the thermostat too low during sleep, avoid shooting on the wedding because of temperature problems arise when fatigue, air temperature at 25 degrees Celsius, also take into account the energy saving and emission reduction.


    2  pest control for the summer:

     in order to prevent mosquito bites, eugenol or wind the bride must bring. If you are poisonous to take timely measures to prevent mosquito bites swelling and inflammation.

    summer wearing cool, on location may be thorny weeds or branches scratch, so you want to carry a few strips.


    3  precaution measures:

     try to avoid shooting in the Sun, first of all I would like to add good water. Once the aura of heat stroke occurs, be sure to rest to a cool place (shade), and water, with a damp paper towel rub Khan. Can take more heat cool drinks on location a hard day is best to add strength for your medicine! Also ready for the sunscreen and a small fan.

     time best choice after 5 o'clock in the afternoon, you can avoid high temperature weather and sea view at this time is the most suitable for the Chengdu photos, vied with sea views of the gorgeous, romantic location shooting of the couple to a climax.


    4  bride style:

     bridal styling suggestions to simple, natural, so you can shorten the time for putting on makeup, changing the makeup and photo. Moreover, wear wedding remembered with lighter colors (preferably white) shoes. But lots of bridal shoes were stilettos, location will be very very hard. A pair of slippers easy walking replacement must not forget, of course, if pashansheshui the sneaker is more convenient.


     is a warm season in summer, at this time the wedding can make love's temperature is higher, pay attention to the above points, believe the wedding will become more perfect.