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Wedding photography, Bridal makeup Essentials of inventory

Wedding Photography Studio wedding, the bride is naturally the most nerve-racking, in style is to put a lot of thought into, of course, can also help you plan wedding photography studio, in the process, what needs attention, what would be the cost? Here we look at.


    1  there are several modeling, modeling costs would increase.


    2  can try makeup, stylists, photographers and to advance communication and good makeup, for example in Taiwan is.


    3  style bottle, Nail Polish, which required a wig, false eyelashes, hair ornaments, flowers and so on to the clearly want the fare increase.


    4  stylist specified should have received. Outdoor photo stylist of the day also peers, help to change shape to ask to understand.


    5  early makeup, plus "overtime"  


    6  designer should be based on the consumer's face shape shape consumer design and selection of dresses for the bride on the day the photo on the styling should be an immediate response, please let designers immediately modify, may not in the future requirements for styles like a remake.


    7  bouquet is very important, whether there are hierarchical. what grade is free of all need to understand.


    8  wedding day jewelry is also outlined on loan, free to ask anything.


    9  makeup artist, if that day is temporarily not to, how the company handles, which required prior consultation and wedding photography studio in Chengdu well.



     makeup is a significant event in the wedding, will have a great impact on the wedding, so you new people, especially brides, must be treated with caution, take satisfactory photos.