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Wallet is important wedding paid for to understand the

Newlyweds, we want to shoot a wedding photography studio in Shenzhen, in the wedding process, fees and payment is naturally sensitive to the problem. Wallet, for everyone is very important, so we'll learn photography studio in Shenzhen pay problems in need of attention:


    1.   Is important to note that a certain, specified in consumer protection law, deposit at not more than the total amount of the 20%. So pay the deposit must pay attention to is clear.


    2.   Coating amount including tax, invoice must be aware. To request invoice.


    3.   Determine the method of payment, credit card (or pay a fee), cash should be clear. Shenzhen Photography Studio wedding package payment is generally divided into 4 stages: a. deposit when booking packages, b. photos to pay part of the money of the day, c. the selection of porn to pay part of the money of the day, d. take when the finished product is photo, will be paid off. Regardless of the payment, make an appointment to set out one by one.


    5. &Nbsp;  review period was 7th, without taking into account consumption, unconditionally refund all deposits than 7th review period, there is no refund, go to other consumer.


    6.   Prior to fill out the reservation form, attention to look at the contents of the contracts confirmed in every detail.


    7.   Are there any other special provisions necessary or an additional charge? Studios must inform in advance!



     to be a wise consumer, wise new photography studio in Shenzhen shot when the above steps not less.