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Travel wedding shooting was sworn in to the world we love

Traditional, wedding photos and style in an instant to the empty, according to Suzhou Photo staff exclusive revelations, many young people prefer to travel and honeymoon wedding photography together, on a tour of wedding photography to document the dribs and drabs of two people, wedding photography that is tourism.

     Suzhou Photo staff where we can learn, select new wedding ceremony has emotional appeal, ultimately, nature in the background, of course, because now every young man in a nervous state, married just use this opportunity to the liberation of body and mind, so more is outdoor travel enthusiast. Therefore, establishing love is constantly walking, so chose travel wedding wedding photography. First, we have a special significance in, the second is not too cheesy.

     on Twitter "love day" describes their wedding photography experience. Some tourist new wedding photography or simply moved out when the outdoor tent props, set off by the night, candlelight flow overflow tents scattered near the Lake's unique romantic atmosphere.

     and has always of Studio shooting wedding basically are is similar of, almost each action, and posture are exhausted similar, completely no belongs to himself of style, and now of married mainstream army are is $literal, and they are is publicity personality, pursuit unique personality of generation, copy type of wedding photography way does will makes they exclusion, gradually also began derivative out many of personality wedding photography, like floating wedding photography, and 3D wedding photography and wedding photography under water. Wedding photography and tourism because of the unique way of shooting must receive their welcome. Then the following way to provide some wedding-related personnel in Suzhou travel wedding filming should pay attention to what matters:

     first of all, for their wedding photos, is a hard but romantic things. When choosing a location, many people can only take into account the views of the beautiful, without taking into account whether to film this security. If you select some long hiking or horseback riding, where sparsely populated area, the road is hard, not easy photographic equipment, transport and new entry.

     best in wedding photography is the ability to select a local photographer, for the couple, only 10,000 benefits, without new people suffer! Easier for photographers to capture the attractions and people familiar with the best model, will also choose the best time to photography. In contrast, if you select a photographer to shoot don't know, it takes a long time to get used to, and it may not be the best. If you select the drive, it is best to groom and the photographer, makeup artist of the two of them can drive, can take turns to replace, to reduce travel fatigue.

     wedding photography should arrange your time, choose the best time to shoot. Best shooting season of different attractions and the best time of day is different. In General, the photographer recommended before 10 o'clock in the morning and began shooting around four o'clock in the afternoon, light is ideal. At the time of their wedding photos, cannot be addicted to travel because the scenery was so beautiful.

     Suzhou wedding professionals suggest that couples in wedding photography should try to choose their own style. If you want to make some special effects, you can choose brightly-coloured background, pursuit and attractions together. Like mountain mountains as a backdrop, like water water background, like nostalgia, you can train, old house in the background.

     wedding photography in General, are the main characters. Background role is not big, but there are exceptions. Originally appeared in Sichuan, then V2 vision photo agencies across the country, was welcomed by the Mainland and the Hong Kong young men and women. Wedding photography is the biggest feature of it is outdoors on location, the character does not necessarily account for the screen status, has beautiful scenery and natural. In some photos, landscapes and even 8/10. Post-processing with fashion large breath, the whole of nature, romance, atmosphere.