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Take wedding photos, dress selection tricks not less

In addition to makeup, acting, spot, a smooth wedding photography in Chengdu, take photos, dresses are very important aspects. Choose a dress, wedding photography, Chengdu success and take good photos of invaluable, here we look at how to choose a wedding.


    1. General photo dress: typically 6 modelling, 2-3 sets the white dress, 3-4 dress. Photographed dresses are generally old-style dress, but this does not matter, through photography the impact will be very small features, color dark color dress is preferred, if the dress taken outside, pay attention to the location and dress of coordination.

    2. To shoot the scene of the betrothal or guining, then: if it is to offer the engagement party scene for 2 sets of dresses as well, guining banquet scene to choose 2; these two scenarios need new dresses, of course, are limited.

    3. If you are shooting the wedding scene: you can choose 1 set of white yarn, two sets of evening dress, so as to highlight the bride's posture.


     has the most perfect performance on the same day, each link can not be ignored, and dresses are the most basic elements, selecting dresses, and then to consider shape and dress up, keep in mind the following codes of bride is amazing, will allow you many conquests, was closely followed by the human eye you was amazing.


    1  selected dress, remember when people make amazing praise means you've picked the right dress.

    2  is very important to try and dress to try on essential and like to try different styles and colors.  

    3  selected if the wedding photo Studio can be replaced at any time, does not matter, or selected dress too early might make you regret it.  

    4  selected dresses have to clear before their own needs. Can be targeted in this way will not be swayed by the views and voices.


     dress is an essential part of wedding photography in Chengdu, the above choice wedding dress requirements, we must not forget, may be able to help the married couple with a little help.