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Symbol of love diamond fluorescence

Probably, a lot of people here learned only, ring structure, or its fluorescent and what does it mean, here is a look at wedding company we introduced in Shenzhen.

     refers to Diamond under the intense ultraviolet radiation from fluorescent Fluorescence indicators issued by blue or yellow color of strength. That is, in natural light, is not feeling to it, except in relatively strong ultraviolet rays of the summer sun, with strong fluorescence of diamonds, feel the existence of fluorescence to the naked eye. In addition to this, fluorescence is not to wear anything.  

     but not all diamonds have fluorescence, but do possess most of the diamond with a fluorescent, international diamond is detected on fluorescent indicators are to be written out, home no special marking on the certificate.  

     wedding company in Shenzhen also stressed that not all of the fluorescence is blue, the fluorescence of a diamond with blue, yellow, Orange, pink, and so on. Diamond fluorescence intensity is weak, international level from low to high respectively, GIA standards: none (none), faint (weak), medium blue (medium blue)/medium yellow (medium yellow), strong blue (strong blue)/strong yellow (strong yellow) levels, or IGI standard: none (none),very  Slight (very slight), slight (weak), strong (strong) and so on. International certificate in relating to these instructions.

     fluorescence is a natural target, but it does not affect the value of the diamond. Diamond value depends only on the 4C, that is, color, clarity, cut and size. Other indicators only as a reference. Selection of fluorescence can be said to be in 4C are in accordance with the selection criteria when can not consider. There is no fluorescent or strong fluorescent depends on personal preference, they do not affect the value of the diamond.

     based on the wedding to give us, we can see with the naked eye is a low energy fluorescent fluorescence is blue, it is not radioactive, radiation, will not have any effect on your health.