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Simple and easy to figure out the camera, more high-tech equipment

HD digital video camera the Sony A55 is a wedding photo studio has been dreaming of cameras, wedding photo studio in Beijing, the soul of a good camera photography, the cable of the camera is very good, why the wedding photo studio to select it? Why do we look at this camera's got us.

    A55 equipped with a Exmor APS HD CMOS image sensor, is 16.2 million effective pixels, for you to quickly clear rich color and fine image detail. These two Exmor APS HD CMOS image sensor in a digital camera and "BIONZ" image processors to reduce noise at the source. In addition, the digital camera has also been improved twice before and after a/d conversion noise, to ensure maximum clarity of signal output.  

     fast, powerful "BIONZ" image vivid real photo processor, can significantly improve the processing speed and efficiency, improve color balance and tonal detail, enhanced response capacity and significantly reduce overall noise.

     with up to 6EV of high dynamic range optimization (HDR) setting ranges, makes the picture more close the naked eye can see the wide color range, dark or light on the detail of a natural exposure is better. Turn on high dynamic range optimization (HDR), opportunities for exposure three times: once to capture shadow detail, another is to capture highlight details, there is is to capture the middle tones, then digital synthesis of three exposures, optimized as a static picture. In addition, allows the difference between double exposure can be set in the 1.0EV and 6.0EV, in 1EV increments. Therefore, you control over optimization of high dynamic range (HDR) effect level, with rich colors and details clear and beautiful photos to save your precious memories.  

     during the filming of dynamic images, you don't have to bother pondering menu settings, just press the dedicated  MOVIE  button to start or stop recording. When the camera is set in auto focus mode, continuous focus the subject and scene changes and adjust the exposure. If necessary, adjust the exposure compensation may also be used to better realize the shooting needs.

     equipped with Sony's new Tru-Finder electronic viewfinder, with up to 1.15 million effective resolution display (about 1.44 million total pixels) can easily achieve high contrast, high-quality framing effects.

     Wow, so a camera is too good a really wants to have it, no matter which place do you go to the wedding photo studio, can make very beautiful wedding pictures, because this camera brings us not only images, but rather bring us an infinite mind.