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Naked wedding photos also need to pay attention

When a new generation of students for their wedding photos are no longer solid himself, to cling to the classic, elegant, reserved slowly Dodge. Naked wedding photos are slowly being accepted by many young people, brides no longer so shy, more is more spirited, warm, free to make their own, regardless of secular vision, after all, really really simple.

     in this case, Suzhou wedding staff want to remind you, filming naked wedding photos also need to pay attention to what.

     first, the selection is important to professional photographers, nude wedding photos is a photo of a human body, so photographers need to have extensive experience photo shoot of the human body. But currently the portrait photographer and is not related to the human body of accreditation, photography market is fish Dragon mix beads.

     second, the shooting program, most of the Studio will be cleared in shooting nude photos, apart from the photographer,, and some will be leaving two camera Assistant-aided modeling. When the camera Assistant in helping to shape and body contact with customers. If not professional, may be a psychological shadow made customers nervous even. In filming the couple may according to the situation of "clearing" needs makeup when, for example, wear their own clothes and then ask the makeup artist in.

     third, Suzhou Photo staff reminded the couple finally is about privacy, photograph nude wedding photos are taken should be listed before listing, related agreements signed with new interviews, new to the photography agency requests, to protect their privacy. For late photographs of confidential, almost all studios have declared themselves to be in accordance with the "norm", part of the photography shop signed a confidentiality agreement with the customer, but because disclosure way too much, it is difficult to clearly define the powers and responsibilities. Photographer after the film will be left to the customer or the PIN, take heed to every aspect, just in case.