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Mature technology is the core, the photographic equipment is secondary

In the world of photography, Sony's photography is world-renowned, but also means that technology on the front end, and the Sony A65 is wedding photography studios always want to have the camera, photos in Beijing, the soul of a good camera photography, which EOS-1V the perfect camera is very good, why shoot the wedding to choose it? We first look at the camera.

    A65 integrated has Sony of half lens technology, used fixed type half lens alternative traditional SLR camera in the of activities type mirrors, each release shutter Shi without for lifting operation, to improve burst speed; while used half lens technology of Sony digital single electric camera, regardless of is shooting static photos or HD dynamic image, are can do real-time phase detection automatically focus, to guarantee has fast accurate of automatically focus effect.

     equipped with a Exmor APS HD CMOS image sensor, about 24.3 million effective pixels, for you to quickly clear rich color and fine image detail. In addition, the Exmor APS HD CMOS image sensor and "BIONZ" image processors to reduce noise at the source and improved analog to twice before and after noise reduction, to ensure maximum clarity of signal output.  

     lens technology makes video shooting continuous autofocus, with phase detection autofocus system in real time, in addition to carrying electronic anti-shake function to ensure clear and accurate tracking of moving objects, with the built-in stereo microphone, helps you vividly reproduce precious memories.

     live view feature, your still images or motion graphics creation, through "photo effect" offers a varied, simple tools. Various image processing functions. Added 4 photos modes: HDR painting, soft focus, miniature landscape and rich tones in black and white, plus the previous 11 kinds of image processing functions, including color (black and white, color), local color (red, green, yellow, blue), vintage photos, high contrast monochrome, fashion color, soft light blending toy camera to meet your artistic imagination.  

     with face detection and color detection technology, can be used for subject tracking autofocus, once the user Central alignment in the AF area select the object and press the confirmation button to track, the camera will be on the subject continued and stable track focus.  

     has such a camera, no matter where you go to shoot the wedding, can produce very beautiful wedding in Beijing, because the camera brings us not only images, but bring us an infinite mind.