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From the A900 viewfinder to see the world, clear and distant

Performance of Sony cameras is unquestionable, hold it in your hand, you will find that this world can be so clear and distant. The Sony A900 camera's wedding photography have always been dreaming of Beijing camera for Beijing for wedding photography, a good camera is the soul of the photography, and perfect for this Canon camera is very good, why Beijing wedding photo to select it? Here we look at the camera.

     from prominent pentaprism to the beautiful magnesium alloy body, reflects Sony's high standards. Its core is the full frame image sensor Exmor CMOS 24.6 million effective pixels. Generations of photographers dream of quality standards for you now, is no longer just a dream.

full frame image sensor Exmor CMOS     A900 24.6 million effective pixels. Effective pixels and the size of its design, using high precision series the resolving power of the lens, show clear and large dynamic range of the image. Body as with the image it presents, attention to detail, high quality. Front, back, and upper are made of magnesium alloy, aluminum chassis with high tension, with high hardness and mirror box polycarbonate resins and carbon fiber reinforced composite materials, firm structure and durability. The structure design and surface has good balance and maneuverability, easy to hold.  

     "creative style" options can help you easily achieve your goal pursuit of art and photography. 13 kinds of image styles, you can adjust according to your preference. Adjust parameters including contrast, saturation, sharpness, brightness and regional match (no saturation adjustment on the sepia or black and white), helping you achieve accurate colours and artistic effect. Dynamic range optimization function, the camera can you analyze the landscape and automatically adjusts tone reproduction level parameter, providing a better balance of exposure and a wealth of highlight and shadow detail.  

     has such a camera, whether you go to Beijing where wedding photography, can make very beautiful wedding pictures, because this camera brings us not only images, but rather bring us an infinite mind.