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For wide shoulder if you have to worry about wedding selection

Bride getting married, see this article is your lucky, so proud of myself with a shoulder width, a healthy body is nothing to exchange for, shoulder width was only a small problem, today, let give you a wedding photography studio, you peace waiting for the bride!

     for the width of the shoulders for bride wearing wedding dress focuses on the collar. Wedding Photography Studio will teach you to identify the most suitable for broad-shouldered dress philosophy of beauty, allows you to easily get rid of their own size problems.  

     first, the lead is key to winning broad-shouldered dress beauty, will most affect the shoulders neckline shape visual perception. V-neck is the best broad-shouldered American style, through the eyes of v-neck extension, subtly hidden disadvantages of broad shoulders.

     II, are u lead, especially deep u-neck can also "lock the arms" it has a neck with Vega, neck is long and slender, and naturally narrow in the shoulders. Silk tops that feel very good texture, excellent drape, u lead effectively modified broad-shouldered defects, neck decoration flower decoration, its modified meaning cannot be ignored.

     third, the pattern small coat collar, must open sprinkled with dots or small floral pattern, very fancy fashion, broad-shouldered man must choose the neckline with a broader style, so as not to appear shoulder more fat.

     the forth, dark coat has reduced shoulder effect on the choice of color, dark colors should be considered as far as possible, have the convergence effect, people no longer looks so tense and sour look. The width of the shoulders, the bride had better not choose black.

     v, yibai chic design, focus brave coat of the color should choose below chest clothes with special design, the best ideas at the hem.

     VI, featured jacket will make people completely forget the broad-shouldered and unique design, fancy designs, not the pursuit of the other, as long as they can catch everyone's eye.