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工欲善其事, its prerequisite, and photo props

Studio wedding photos, naturally is that each couple will want to vibrant, perfectly. Except for some necessary preparations, a lot of props for your wedding can add points and escort for you in the Studio when the wedding, here we come and see what props.


     escort for photo props  

    1.  paper, oil facial blotting paper, mineral water and straws, placket, tape, invisible BRA, jacket, strapless lingerie, placket, high heels and loafers, these items can make you a more radiant, and more secure, avoid all kinds of accidents.

    2.  mirrors, combs, sunscreen, makeup (powder and lipstick), cleansing milk (photo finish make-up back home)  

    3.  boys suits, shirts, white socks and sock (preferably new), plain clothes, glasses (no lens), of course, can also be used without lens, you can avoid reflection.


     of wedding pictures to add color tool.

    1.  romantic small items: flower bouquet, flower garlands, wrist, petals, balloons, bubble machine, windmill, cakes, umbrellas, sparklers, kite, Angel Wings, fan  

    2.  memorable items: wedding ring, diamond ring, love letters, photo film, dolls, gifts, pets, Crystal  c. love jewelry: necklace, bracelet, earrings, hat Crown, tiara,  

    3.  love jewelry: necklace, bracelet, earrings, hat Crown, tiara,

    4.  pet: pet pets for years, can also bring a little bit of romantic and sweet, Oh for the wedding.


     the so-called 工欲善其事, its prerequisite, Studio wedding when suitable items will be able to make your photos even more romantic and sweet.